We have been Cultivating Creative Communities for 15 years.  To grow a creative community you need support, openmindedness, and opportunity.  Every creative culture thrives when there is beauty, heritage, connectiveness and patrons.  It also helps if you learn to roll with any made up words.


Originally started as a community art show in Columbus, Ohio; cultivating growth keeps its root in community & culture.  The group Creativity Encouraged thought it would be good to pair professional and novice artists together to put on a show about the very nature of growth in all its varied forms.

Whether we are talking about physical, spiritual, botanical or child development; cultivating growth is a positive outlet that focuses our communal efforts. 

Sometimes you just lack the opportunity to care about your community.  We are the opportunity to care.  We don't need a TV production to organize a remodeling of neighbors home & life.  No it's a funny thing, we have plenty of neighbors who would benefit from our creativity, energy and compassion.


"You are very intelligent and anyone who works with you is very lucky to have you supporting them"

Irene Drissen - Mercy House